Lapith Girl – I Promise That I Won’t Die Before You Do LP (SLS001)

A collection of ten tracks by a mysterious artist, characterized by melancholy, nostalgia, and introspection.

Ecstatic and refined aesthetics encompass the whole playtime, providing an enticing reverberation of self-consciousness and revelatory effects.

Themes such as nature, cosmos, and mysticism are well-represented in this album. From beatless to 4/4 with organic drum patterns, the outcome is always warm and pleasant.
A wonderful narration ranging between laid back meditative moments to more uplifting parts that keep the listener in an energetic lucid dreaming state.

The sensitivity of the artist emerges through exceptionally programmed soundscapes that transport the listener into a lush exploration of self.

Overall, the full length provides a dreamy, mind-altering and timeless experience that will hardly be forgotten.

Cassette only edition limited to 60 copies.

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